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Six golden secrets to help increase positive Android app reviews and 5-star rating Organic

The race of Android apps to attract new users is fierce. Android app reviews and 5-star rating has become a factor to help users trust and download the application. However, it is equally important to take care of the users who are using your application. Here are 6-golden-secrets to magically help your Android app get a lot of positive reviews and 5-star-ratings organic.

Six golden secrets to help increase positive Android app reviews and 5-star ratings,

Before delving into these secrets, let's together understand reviews for Android apps and 5-star ratings

Android app reviews and five-star ratings from users

Currently, the fact that users give positive reviews, 5-star ratings are a very good signal that app developers are on the right way. Positive Android app reviews and 5-star ratings are a great encouragement for developers.

Positive Android App reviews and 5-star ratings, Source:

In addition, positive Android app reviews help other potential users to appreciate your Android app, who will download and try your app. That's a good opportunity, isn't it? Besides, 5-star ratings of your application help to increase rankings when customers search for keywords about your field.
Most users like to experience the best app, they want to see what other users have to say about this app, they will prefer apps with lots of positive reviews and a high average rating.

Great Experience, Source:

If currently, your app has a lot of positive reviews and a high rating average, which is a plus when it comes to attracting potential users on Google Play.

Negative reviews and 1-star ratings. Source:

On the contrary, there are negative reviews, 1-star, 2-star ratings. If your Android app has a high rate of negative reviews and low app ratings, that's a big hindrance, which can prevent them from downloading your app, and downloading your competitors who have a lot of positive reviews and a high rating average.

The competition of Android apps in Google Play

Currently, Google Play has about 4.5 million applications, the competition between applications in Google Play is very fierce. This requires your Android app to have high rankings, lots of positive reviews high five-star average And also requires the efforts of App Developers to improve the quality of the application and customer service.

Top Apps in Google Play, Source:

In order for your app to make it to the Top Apps in Google Play, your app needs to outshine other competitors.
Android app reviews in different countries
Currently, most big Android applications have versions of applications for all countries in the world. Apps with good localization help local users better understand the app and more easy to use.

Android app reviews from all country in the world, source:

An Android app that spreads across all countries in the world brings huge income to application developers. Average Android app reviews and ratings will be calculated based on all countries.
However, this is too spread, app developers should focus on developing their apps for important markets before spreading to other markets on Google Play.

Very lazy users

Getting users to drop the Android app reviews and give it a 5-star rating will usually take a long time, or they won't do it. Is there a way to improve this process? The answer is "YES''

Very lazy users, source:

Here are 6 Golden Secrets to help increase positive reviews and 5-star ratings for your Android app

Six Golden Secrets increase positive Android app reviews and 5-star ratings

Find out feedback from users.

When you resolve the users' problems who have 1-star, 2-star reviews with negative Android app reviews, you need to seriously consider the problem the customer is reflecting.
Understanding the problems they are facing helps developers come up with solutions that enhance the service are providing.

Find out feedback from users, Source:

Solving the problem will help users appreciate and stay loyal to your Android app.

Professional service

It's great when app developers respond and support problems from users quickly. Users like to be interested, like to have their questions answered early.
The next thing is user-friendliness. Friendliness is always appreciated, facing the fastidiousness of customers, dedication, thoughtfulness, and friendliness, making customers more comfortable when contacting App Developers.

Professional service, Source:

In addition, regularly surveying about the service are providing, will help application developers understand more problems from customers. This will help App Developers plan to resolve customer's issues and improve the user experience. They will gift positive Android app reviews to your app.

Update version.

After running a while the application encounters basic errors. App Developers should upgrade the application version to upgrade the service and improve the interface.

Update version, Source:

This helps users to enjoy your Android application, which is one of the bases for guests to give positive reviews about your application.

Android app reviews and referral code

Android app reviews

When users rate your app 5-stars and give positive Android app reviews, the small gifts will be worthy rewards for these users.

A small gift to users, Source:

This way, you are to encourage your users to give positive reviews and vote 5 stars for your app, that's great, isn't it.

Referral code

Share your Android app with their friends and loved ones to receive gifts, it is a very effective way today to help your application spread more strongly.

Referral code of Android app, Source:

App developers, please be generous to the users, they will spread your app to more people.


Promotions during the year are one of the methods to stimulate users to spend money when using the service that your application provides.

Customers Love Discounts, Source:

Choose the holiday promotions and app promotion campaigns because your users love promotions and discounts.

Differentiate, build a brand

Differentiation tactics, branding for your Android application are essential. A meaningful slogan is “Retain the most demanding customers, they will always be loyal to your application”.

Differentiate, build a brand, Source:

Even if a competitor promotes their app more than you, the users will stay loyal and use your Android app. And the new users will look for your app themselves.

Create a fan page and free reward hunting

The common psychology of most users is that they want to receive gifts from App developers, which is a form of gratitude to customers who have used your service.

Create a fan page and free reward hunting, Source:

Social networking pages and groups are a good place to interact more easily with users and give gifts to customers. Create a community where users use your app is the best way to keep them.

Besides, it's important to add Android app reviews and 5-star ratings faster than are important to your app, isn't it? In addition to the above 6 Golden Secrets, if you are having difficulty in the initial step of helping your application improve the positive reviews and 5-star ratings of users, finding a reputable, quality service is not a bad measure

Buy Android app reviews and ratings, Source: has years of experience providing 5-star ratings and positive reviews for Android apps from real users from all over the world for many years. Services from us strictly comply with Google's terms and rules. When you use our service, we will always ensure the quality of service for you and you will be refunded if you are not satisfied with our service.